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Research Topics

Mobile health and Telemedicine- The Health Screen project

we developed a unique application for monitoring patients with multiple chronic diseases. The app is connected to sensors that collects ongoing information vital signs, sleep stages, GPS steps, which is used for big data
analysis to predict factors that affect response to treatment, remissions, and outbreaks of the disease.
Current study: RheumaticMonitor study - website
(iii) . The first nationwide Big


Electronic medical records (EMR) BIG Data analysis

EMR records over 20 years of 50,000subjects -The largest database of rheumatologic patients in Israel. Current projects focused onprediction of cardiovascular, cancer and COVID-19 outcomes in Rheumatic diseases patients.


The Dental, Oral, Medical Epidemiological (DOME) Big Data study

Data study in dentistry, aimed to study dental and oral morbidity and associations with systemic morbidity using advanced computational tools. The DOME is a comprehensive database that includes 900,000 individuals with comprehensive socio-demographic, dental, health survey questionnaires, medical diagnoses, and blood tests and throughout 10 Years (2010-2020).

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