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Big  Biomedical Data Research Laboratory-

Big Biomedical Data Research Laboratory - Prof. Galit Almoznino

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Prof. Galit Almoznino

Biostatistician and Epidemiologist, Specialist in Oral Medicine, Professor, Head, Big Biomedical Data Research Laboratory, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Analyzing big data obtained from multiple patients is an evolving scientific field aimed to make breakthroughs in global medical research of behavior on a mass basis (behavioromics) that will hopefully lead to evidenced-based personalized medicine.

The research in the lab is focused on analyzing patterns and associations in large masses of longitudinal clinical data from patients through knowledge-based analytical and exploratory tools. Data include sociodemographic, clinical, and environmental factors, to assess an individual's risk factors, as well as those of a specific population to tailor for them customized prevention, diagnosis, and disease-management strategies. 

The laboratory includes several working stations, and essential software for data analysis and the databases are in the Hadassah cloud. Working can be done from distance.

The laboratory is affiliated to CIDR (Center for Interdisciplinary Data Science Research), Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel (HUJI) .

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Prof. Galit Almoznino

Big Biomedical Data Research Laboratory,

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

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